We are a construction Company in Merida Yucatan, that offer interior design services, construction, finishes, textures, painting and waterproofing. It was founded in 2008, in Merida Yucatan.

In CONREDY, you will have guarantee in quality work and ideal cost to achieving entire satisfaction in each of our clients.
Its founder, Engineer Fernando Diaz Carrillo cares about innovation and training in the company, offering appropriate tools for carrying out each of the different projects presented.

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    To provide a full service having 100% qualified staff to fulfill and to be adapted to the different requirements of our clients.


    To offer the realization of projects in time and form to the optimal cost, as well as being constant in the continuous technological innovation and standards of quality in construction, and in this way, to keep the trust of our clients.


    To give an avant-garde and innovative style, constantly evolving in our services, which allows us to grow and offer a friendly working environment to the growth and development of our professionals.